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Linear Motion and Assembly Technology Product Range

Ball Screws

Rexroth Ball Screw Assemblies do not only work with greater levels of accuracy and at higher speeds, they can also be supplied at very short notice.
A wide range of precision screws and preloaded or adjustable-preload single and double nuts is available for all feeding, positioning and conveying tasks.

See below for two shining examples of how Rexroth stands for innovation. Contact our Sales Department for details of Rexroth's new technologies and products.

Ball screws with driven nut
With a view to improving system specifications even further, Rexroth now offers its alternative STAR screw drives with fixed screw and driven nut, available with toothed-belt drive as an option. Yet another variant, with even higher performance characteristics, is the directly driven nut with hollow-shaft motor (MHS drive unit).

Precision ball screws in miniaturized configuration
This range of products is designed for use in any application where reduced dimensions, high speeds and maximum precision are the order of the day. Thanks to a comprehensive expansion of our catalog, we can now offer compact mechanical drives with screw diameters of 4, 6 und 8 mm in addition to our familiar 12 and 16 mm sizes.

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Ball Screws

Ball Screw Drives for Machine Tools

eLINE Ball Screws
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